70 1/2 tradd street

This carriage house from the 1770's is located behind the Robert Pringle House in historic downtown Charleston. Wanting a framework for understanding the ideas behind these buildings and the traditions to which they belong, Simons Young + Associates created a design that leaves exposed the original raw materials, highlighting the craftsmanship in the original historic joinery and brick masonry, as well as materials contained in the original building assembly. The three hundred square foot addition removed a dilapidated and non-historical porch, replacing it with a modern rear entrance and mudroom on the first floor, and elegant bathroom upstairs. The restoration portion of the project allows for a large and accessible bedroom and bath on the first floor, as well as a sleek, modern kitchen and open, sunny living quarters. The final dramatic interplay of original materials juxtaposed against the modern elements of a 21st century household produces an end result that is both beautiful and functional, earning it the 2010 Carolopolis Award from the Charleston Preservation Society.